Value Added Courses are another step taken in education to provide students with industry relevant skills in order to be placed a cut above their peers by adding more knowledge and going above the prescribed norms. Given how detailed the markets today have become we bring an array of value added courses which gives the students the freedom to choose what interests them and encourages students to step out of the mandate and seize as many opportunities possible to enhance their professional skills . We recognise that employers today are often searching for specific skills or attributes relevant to their particular field and thus provides its students the opportunity to undertake these trainings and courses from seasoned experts in the industry in order to not only be academically ready but also industry ready thereby giving them an “Edge” over the rest.



  • Understand and learn the Skills.
  • Knowledge and Concepts to keep pace with the requirements and growth of the professional world.
  • Brilliant opportunity to enrich your resume with additional certifications along with prescribed curriculum learning. Certification provided from Top Institutes of Repute and Excellence eg IIM’s, IIT’s, NLU’s etc.
  • Get equipped with industry-oriented courses from best industry and corporate trainers.