MUN & Youth Parliament

National Youth Parliament conducted under the aegis of Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Govt. of India

DME organizes Youth Parliament under the aegis of the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi. This event is organized every year by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs to create awareness among students about democratic principles and make them aware of the practices and procedures followed in the Indian Parliament.

The working of the Youth Parliament should broadly follow the pattern of the working of the Lok Sabha. It would facilitate the task of the teacher-in-charge of this activity if he/she and the students selected to participate in the Youth Parliament Competition first acquaint themselves with the practical working of the real Parliament of the country by witnessing the actual proceedings and making themselves conversant with the arrangements made for the members in the Chamber of the Lok Sabha.

The layout of the Chamber of their Youth Parliament should resemble, as far as possible, the layout of the Chamber of the Lok Sabha. The dais and chair of the Presiding Officer should be on the straight base of the semi-circle. The seating arrangement for members should be in the shape of a horseshoe, as it is in the Lok Sabha. The Chamber of the Lok Sabha is a semi-circular hall with the Speaker sitting in a canopied chair, conspicuously placed at the centre of the diameter connecting the two ends of the semi-circle. There is a dividing space in front of the Speaker’s rostrum. On the left of the rostrum are the seats for the opposition, and on the right are the seats for the Government benches. Slightly raised above the Chamber of the Youth Parliament is the gallery for the visitors, the ‘Press,’ the ‘diplomats,’ and the ‘distinguished visitors,’ etc.

The parliamentary procedures and practices to be followed in the Youth Parliament should correspond as far as possible to the practices and procedures followed in the Lok Sabha. Before holding a Youth Parliament session, each participating college should prepare a List of Businesses. This enables them to prepare themselves for the discussions in the House.